Have you been thinking about getting a domestic cleaner but haven’t quite made your mind up? Why not stick the kettle on and sit down, have a read through our 8 reasons to get a domestic cleaner.

All these different cleaning products, but which to buy?

We have all been there, on the weekly shop as you rush around making sure not to forget anything because you have left the list at home. You suddenly remember that you need some cleaning supplies so you make your way down to that aisle. Suddenly it hits you, as you are overwhelmed by the sheer choice available. Which products should you buy? Is that expensive bleach any different from the own-brand bleach? Is that oven cleaner food safe?

You might fall into the trap of buying things purely because they are the brands you have selected historically, and not on merit. But do you think of the environment? After scrutinizing the ingredients list you might find the Eco-version of a product is nearly the same as the normal version.

Having a domestic cleaner means you can tap into the years of experience they have using these products day in, day out. You can ask your cleaner what they think you might need. When we do our domestic cleaning we are always happy to help our clients with suggestions and advice over what to buy. At Tillys we always bring our own cleaning supplies. This means that the products you buy for in-between cleans will last a lot longer!

More time to do the things you love

Getting a domestic cleaner in your home ultimately means that you will have a lot more time. Time to relax, time to play with the kids, or just time to do that job you have been neglecting. It means you will get to forget about that soul-destroying afternoon of cleaning and concentrate on a good book instead. From clients, we get feedback that using Tillys has enabled them to take control of their limited time off work.

It also helps that when your domestic cleaner keeps your house clean for you, it becomes easier to get members of your household to clean their mess. If you are old asking your teenager to wash their dishes instead of cleaning the whole kitchen, it’s hard for them to say no.

It won’t cost as much as you think

Owing to a lot of competition in the market for cleaners, then prices are competitive. Years ago there weren’t as many businesses offering domestic cleaning and so prices could be high per hour. Now thanks to healthy competition, clients can expect more affordable prices. If you would like to see exactly how affordable it can be, then contact us.

Get your home clean, when you want

At the moment you might find yourself struggling to fit cleaning in around everything else. Like most people, you can end up with long periods in between good thorough deep cleans. Don’t feel bad about this, because it is normal. Do you find the dishes are piling up? Noticing that there is a lot of dust on all your surfaces?

When you get a professional domestic cleaner to lighten the load, you decide when. This means your home can be clean when it is convenient for you. You find Monday mornings perfect, or perhaps Wednesday afternoons. Whatever the day, whenever it suits, you are in control and it is something you no longer have to worry about.

You’re physically unable to clean

This is one that crops up a lot more often than you might expect. It might be that you or a family member are disabled, and need that extra help. At Tillys we love seeing the difference we can make to people’s lives who need this extra help. Another reason can be that we simply are not as mobile in our Autumn years, and a domestic cleaner can be a game-changer. If you are recently unwell and have a broken leg for example then a one-off clean could be ideal.

If you still want the home to be shining and smelling fresh in these circumstances then a cleaner is the way forward. For lots of people, this can help bear some of the burdens of troubling times.

Because I hate cleaning!

Another reason to get a cleaner is that you simply hate cleaning! Each person is different, and we all have things we dislike. If you find cleaning unbearable then why not make yourself happier by getting a cleaner? There is no point in letting it build up until you end up unwell, you might as well take action and let someone help. According to recent research 1 in 5 millennial’s now have a cleaner to help clean their homes.


So if you can identify with any of the above then why not consider contacting us for a free quote. We would be happy to discuss all how we can help you, and your family.